Baby McElroy
I left Teagan home with Magnus for something other than lacrosse today. My mom and her friend were headed to the Casino, then out to Costco, so I tagged along. I felt weird, and did call home once, but it was a change to be without the baby. They did alright, though Teagan seems to develop a monster apetite when I'm gone. I guess her stomach is growing, I may have to make bigger bottles than the 4oz ones. Though bigger bottles would take longer to defrost, and Magnus says that it takes so long to defrost and warm a bottle that by the time it's ready she's worn herself out crying and falls asleep for a bit!

I also went out and got my hair cut this evening while Magnus took Teagan for a walk. I realised I hadn't cut it in a year(!) and it wasn't looking too healthy. Plus, Teagan was starting to grab it.


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