Baby McElroy
Baby laughs and smiles are the best thing in the whole world! (had to say that before anything else) Teagan and I can sit and have a "laugh conversation" for a couple minutes, taking turns laughing at each other - such fun!

The bottle thing isn't going that well. I came home to a slightly frazzled husband and screaming daughter. She was NOT happy about the bottle, he got maybe an ounce into her but neither of us could get her to take it, she was MAD we were trying. So I gave her the breast for a minute, then switched the bottlle in. She looked confused but drank the bottle down.

The Avent nipple seems SLIGHTLY better for her than the Gerber NUK one, but we have one more to try, the Playtex basic nipple. I had all these from sample packs and stuff, so we happily haven't had to rush around buying them all to try. I really hope she does better tonight. Lacrosse league starts tonight, and I already signed up and paid my money. It is only a couple hours, so she won't starve if she refuses the bottles, but I hate stressing her and hubby both out like that.


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