Baby McElroy
I know Teagan isn't yet 3 months old, but I really think she might be starting teething! She's been a bit cranky (not bad, but she's normally a really happy baby so I can see the difference) drooling like a fiend, and off and on her cheeks get really red. My friend who has an almost 8 month old who's popping out teeth like mad right now has the exact same look to his cheeks, red on the round part of the cheek and slightly chapped feeling. She also seemed really happy yesterday when Magnus was rubbing her gums with a washcloth. I feel bad for her, she's not figured out grasping something and pulling it to her mouth, so she can't chew on anything other than her hand to make it feel better.
I left Teagan home with Magnus for something other than lacrosse today. My mom and her friend were headed to the Casino, then out to Costco, so I tagged along. I felt weird, and did call home once, but it was a change to be without the baby. They did alright, though Teagan seems to develop a monster apetite when I'm gone. I guess her stomach is growing, I may have to make bigger bottles than the 4oz ones. Though bigger bottles would take longer to defrost, and Magnus says that it takes so long to defrost and warm a bottle that by the time it's ready she's worn herself out crying and falls asleep for a bit!

I also went out and got my hair cut this evening while Magnus took Teagan for a walk. I realised I hadn't cut it in a year(!) and it wasn't looking too healthy. Plus, Teagan was starting to grab it.
Last night's bottle went WAY better. The nipple he used didn't seem to make a difference, but we had a good idea earlier in the week and he tried it out. When she got hungry he prepped the bottle then gave her his finger to suck on for a moment, then switched in the bottle. Voila! She took it just fine! I guess the nipple feels funny or takes some effort to get going or something, but this little switcheroo worked out great! I came home to a snoozing baby in the swing and Daddy playing video games, much better than the screaming I came home to in the past.
I heard some "slurping" noises from the crib, so I went to investigate.....

It looks like someone found her thumb! We tried the pacifier quite a few times over the last 4-5 weeks but she was having none of it, I guess she was just waiting to find her thumb! I'm not going to worry too much, we'll watch for signs of it being a problem when she's older though. I'm not surprised, she's been making sucking motions in her sleep for some time, it was just a matter of getting her hand up there.
The bottle seemed to be taken a little easier last night. The Playtex plain nipples seem to be the most favourable so far. That works out well because I've been using the playtex "drop-in" liners to freeze my milk in.

Teagan is going to be an early talker I think. She loves to coo and squeal and laugh at us when we talk to her. It's so cute!
Teagan is growing so fast! She's grown out of quite a few clothing items, and is into size 2 diapers already. She was 13lbs13oz on Thursday! She is a big, healthy girl!

Her first shots went well. A good scream for each one, but she forgot about them pretyy quickly. No fever or swelling or anything. I teared up watching the first one, but I know immunizations are for her own good. We go back in a month for the next one. (our doctor splits them up, he figures 3 pokes is a lot in one day for a little baby)
Baby laughs and smiles are the best thing in the whole world! (had to say that before anything else) Teagan and I can sit and have a "laugh conversation" for a couple minutes, taking turns laughing at each other - such fun!

The bottle thing isn't going that well. I came home to a slightly frazzled husband and screaming daughter. She was NOT happy about the bottle, he got maybe an ounce into her but neither of us could get her to take it, she was MAD we were trying. So I gave her the breast for a minute, then switched the bottlle in. She looked confused but drank the bottle down.

The Avent nipple seems SLIGHTLY better for her than the Gerber NUK one, but we have one more to try, the Playtex basic nipple. I had all these from sample packs and stuff, so we happily haven't had to rush around buying them all to try. I really hope she does better tonight. Lacrosse league starts tonight, and I already signed up and paid my money. It is only a couple hours, so she won't starve if she refuses the bottles, but I hate stressing her and hubby both out like that.
Teagan is getting so smiley and chatty! It's great when I get woken up to feed her, and instead of a red crying face, I sometimes am greeted with a smiley face and a happy baby noise! If she's in the right mood, she'll smile at anyone talking and smiling to her (heck the other day I caught her smiling and chatting at the mobile!) which is nice for the grandparents and others who are checking her out.

We're heading to Toys R Us today....they have a sale on and the Fisher Price Peek a Blocks are on half price. We think they are pretty neat, so we're going to go buy some for Teagan. Toys R Us is only about a quarter mile from our house so it's a nice short walk for us all to go on.
Things went ok on Sunday, leaving Teagan with Magnus at the friends' place. She cried some, but it didn't seem to bug anyone TOO much. She fought the bottle a little, but I guess after she realized that's all there was and she was hungry, drank it down.

On Thursday morning we tried another bottle with a different nipple. We'd been using the Gerber Nuk ones, since I heard they are what you "should use" for a breastfed baby, but they're quite a funny shape. I had one Avent nipple that looked like it was shaped nicer, more like a breast, so we gave that a try. She took it much better! It's hard to say if it was totally the different shape, or she was more hungry, but we'll see....

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