Baby McElroy
Teagan took a bottle this morning! I was nervous about how she'd take to it, since she seems to hate the pacifier so much. She slept for another 11 hour stretch (!) last night, so I was VERY engorged and knew she'd be good and hungry. I got up before she was awake and managed to hand express an ounce, and Dad gave it to her first. She was a little confused at first, but once she realized she was getting milk, she drained it fast! Now it makes me wonder how much she eats in a session, as she went on to feed for 15 minutes after that.

I still have to get a pump, but I'm happier to know she took the bottle that time. I'm hopeful that I will be able to leave to go to Lacrosse games and practices, and leave Dad with a bottle. Or even be able to leave her with my mom. (who's been offering to babysit if needed)



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