Baby McElroy
My little girl is over 6 weeks old! Time sure does fly. She seems a lot older than 6 weeks to us sometimes. She smiles at people when they speak to her, and has started cooing so it almost sounds like she is laughing. It's so neat to talk to Teagan and have her grin back and make a cute little baby noise!

We decided to try the pacifier, and after all this hesitation - she doesn't want it! Partly I think she can't figure out how to suck it and keep it in her mouth, but sometimes she gets quite mad when we try to give it to her. Oh well, not a big deal, just funny that she doesn't want it after we were so worried about giving it to her too early.

Next is the occasional bottle. (of breastmilk) I need to get a pump and then we'll try that out. I want to be able to leave for short periods for lacrosse games and practices, so we're hoping she will take an occasional bottle ok.


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