Baby McElroy
I went to "babytalk" yesterday. It's an informal group for moms of young babies to get together, learn about relevant topics, and just hang out. It's an easy place to be if your baby is fussing, needs changed, or needs fed, as everyone else is dealing with the same thing. (Not like at the mall where I feel bad when Teagan starts yelling, or more self conscious about lifting my shirt to feed her) I will definitely be going back, I might try the other meeting on Tuesday this time, it's at a different location.

We're wrestling with allowing Teagan a pacifier. We have the orthodontic ones that are supposed to be better for their mouths and closer to the breast in shape, but I'm still reluctant. I'm not against the pacifier altogether, I'm just SO nervous that introducing it might interfier with breastfeeding. If that happened I couldn't forgive myself. But she seems to want to just suck a lot of the time. Late at night hubby with let her suck his finger, and sometimes she's on the breast not really eating that actively, but happy to be there. It makes me think she'd benefit from the soother, and I would too if it let me sleep a little longer than 45 minutes at a stretch before she cried for me.


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