Baby McElroy
I cannot beleive it, but Saturday night, Teagan slept for.........11 HOURS!!! Seriously! She fell asleep in the carseat about 7pm on the way home, and there wasn't a peep all night until almost 6am! We left her in the carseat, I'm reluctant to rouse a sleeping child just to move them to a different sleeping place, and she seemed to like it in there enough to stay asleep all night! (Of course, we thought she'd wake up any time so we stayed up a while, then I awoke around 3 and couldn't sleep for over an hour, I was SO sure she would wake any second) The only drawback to her sleeping that long was that I was so painfully engorged - that's probably what woke me at 3 actually....

We figure that she just was getting cold and not feeling snug enough in the crib, and the carseat kept her cozy and warm. So we have the bassinet portion of a second stroller we have, and set that into the crib for her to sleep in. It's just a little wider than her, so when she's swaddled it's a lot more cozy, but there is space around her head so we aren't worried about SIDS risks or anything. The last couple nights weren't 11hours or anything, but 3-4 hour stretches at a time, which is pretty good by me. Last night she slept from midnight to 4 and then 5 to almost 8.


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