Baby McElroy
Someone gave me her old Advent pump (Thanks Mar!) that she no longer needed, and it workes great! We tried Teagan with another bottle yesterday morning. She wasn't happy about it, but she took it eventually, and drank 3 ounces, which is pretty good. She wanted me to feed her shortly after, but I'm happy she drank from the bottle too. On Sunday I have plans to go to a lacrosse event, and I will be gone for about 2 and a half hours, so I want to leave a bottle with Magnus. They're going to be at a friend's house at the time, so I'm a little nervous for him. If she has an unhappy time and cries at home, it doesn't bother anyone else, but at a friend's place.......they're very understanding though, and have a son of their own. (who loves Teagan immensely)
Teagan took a bottle this morning! I was nervous about how she'd take to it, since she seems to hate the pacifier so much. She slept for another 11 hour stretch (!) last night, so I was VERY engorged and knew she'd be good and hungry. I got up before she was awake and managed to hand express an ounce, and Dad gave it to her first. She was a little confused at first, but once she realized she was getting milk, she drained it fast! Now it makes me wonder how much she eats in a session, as she went on to feed for 15 minutes after that.

I still have to get a pump, but I'm happier to know she took the bottle that time. I'm hopeful that I will be able to leave to go to Lacrosse games and practices, and leave Dad with a bottle. Or even be able to leave her with my mom. (who's been offering to babysit if needed)

My little girl is over 6 weeks old! Time sure does fly. She seems a lot older than 6 weeks to us sometimes. She smiles at people when they speak to her, and has started cooing so it almost sounds like she is laughing. It's so neat to talk to Teagan and have her grin back and make a cute little baby noise!

We decided to try the pacifier, and after all this hesitation - she doesn't want it! Partly I think she can't figure out how to suck it and keep it in her mouth, but sometimes she gets quite mad when we try to give it to her. Oh well, not a big deal, just funny that she doesn't want it after we were so worried about giving it to her too early.

Next is the occasional bottle. (of breastmilk) I need to get a pump and then we'll try that out. I want to be able to leave for short periods for lacrosse games and practices, so we're hoping she will take an occasional bottle ok.
I was headed out to lunch with my mom and some aunts/cousins, so I wanted to dress Teagan up really nicely. (and 'girly', as this was the first time they'd seen her, and a couple of them were in their 80s s I wanted her looking like a girl for sure) So I tried an outfit we'd been given, though it said 6 months, it shrunk a little so it fit her well:
Everyone loved her little outfit. I made the booties. They were a bit big still but they matched so I put them on her. At the lunch, even though it was my one aunt's 83rd birthday lunch, they ALL surprised me with baby gifts! A baby book, mobile, outfit, blanket, toy, bank and more! We're feeling quite spoiled :)
I cannot beleive it, but Saturday night, Teagan slept for.........11 HOURS!!! Seriously! She fell asleep in the carseat about 7pm on the way home, and there wasn't a peep all night until almost 6am! We left her in the carseat, I'm reluctant to rouse a sleeping child just to move them to a different sleeping place, and she seemed to like it in there enough to stay asleep all night! (Of course, we thought she'd wake up any time so we stayed up a while, then I awoke around 3 and couldn't sleep for over an hour, I was SO sure she would wake any second) The only drawback to her sleeping that long was that I was so painfully engorged - that's probably what woke me at 3 actually....

We figure that she just was getting cold and not feeling snug enough in the crib, and the carseat kept her cozy and warm. So we have the bassinet portion of a second stroller we have, and set that into the crib for her to sleep in. It's just a little wider than her, so when she's swaddled it's a lot more cozy, but there is space around her head so we aren't worried about SIDS risks or anything. The last couple nights weren't 11hours or anything, but 3-4 hour stretches at a time, which is pretty good by me. Last night she slept from midnight to 4 and then 5 to almost 8.
I went to "babytalk" yesterday. It's an informal group for moms of young babies to get together, learn about relevant topics, and just hang out. It's an easy place to be if your baby is fussing, needs changed, or needs fed, as everyone else is dealing with the same thing. (Not like at the mall where I feel bad when Teagan starts yelling, or more self conscious about lifting my shirt to feed her) I will definitely be going back, I might try the other meeting on Tuesday this time, it's at a different location.

We're wrestling with allowing Teagan a pacifier. We have the orthodontic ones that are supposed to be better for their mouths and closer to the breast in shape, but I'm still reluctant. I'm not against the pacifier altogether, I'm just SO nervous that introducing it might interfier with breastfeeding. If that happened I couldn't forgive myself. But she seems to want to just suck a lot of the time. Late at night hubby with let her suck his finger, and sometimes she's on the breast not really eating that actively, but happy to be there. It makes me think she'd benefit from the soother, and I would too if it let me sleep a little longer than 45 minutes at a stretch before she cried for me.
Weighed in at the doctor's today. Teagan is 10lbs12oz, so up almost a pound from her birthweight. (and up 1lb11oz from her lowest weight recorded in the hospital) She's also grown nearly two inches already, no wonder a few of her sleepers are starting to seem small. I noticed today that her hands are visibly larger too. Less than a month old and it's already obvious how fast she grows!

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