Baby McElroy
I've been managing a daily outing with Teagan. So far, shopping every time, but I do get a lot of walking in. I wore my pedometer yesterday and it said over 2 miles, so that's a decent walk. I'm trying to get out of the house for a number of reasons: I think it's good for me mentally to "do" something each day, I'm trying to get a little exercise in the form of walking, and I'm also trying to give my husband some time to himself to work on schoolwork.

When I was at the Bay yesterday, Teagan started crying, so I headed for the washrooms to change her. They have this great little "mother's room" just outside the washrooms, it's got 2 armchairs, a fold-down changetable, sink, and large counter, plus plenty of space for a stroller and a door that shuts for privacy! I was thrilled they have this, I am still a little nervous about changing and feeding her "in public".


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