Baby McElroy
I'm not getting much sleep, so it's hard to find time to post here. Often when I'm online I'm nursing - right now I'm typing one-handed!

Teagan is a joy. We love just looking at her, and holding her, she's a great little baby. She nurses well, and doesn't cry a lot. She does seem to want to nurse ALL THE TIME though, which doesn't let me sleep a lot. I've never been good at napping, but I'm trying to learn now out of necessity! Last night she wanted to eat every hour for around 5-10 minutes, so I tried to sleep between times, I didn't do to badly and actually felt half rested in the morning. She will stay calm and sleep or just look around longer for Daddy, but with me it's like she knows the milk is there so she wants it!

I've been pretty emotional too. It's scarey for me, I've suffered from depression before and don't want to go back there. I think it's mostly just sleep deprivation though, I'm feeling a bit better today.


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