Baby McElroy
Well we had our ultrasound this afternoon and it went well. Baby Girl is
head down! She's also facing my spine, which is perfect. We only got a glance at her face since she was facing my back, but it was neat to see how much more developed she is now compared to last time.

The other news we got is that she is going to be large. Heck, she already IS large, the measurements put her at about 8lbs 1 ounce already!!! I'm only at 35weeks 4 days today - so she's still growing! I'm not too surprised she is large, Hubby and I were both 9lbs 4 ounces, but it's still a shock hearing the numbers. I have extra amniotic fluid, which apparently isn't a problem, just partly due to the big baby. The OB we consulted after said the extra fluid and big baby would probably mean I'd go into labour around 38 to 38 and a half weeks, so within the next couple weeks. (He also said that having so much fluid meant if my water broke - expect a flood so have towels handy LOL)


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