Baby McElroy
Just got back from the doctor's appointment. My blood pressure was up, something like 140/90, so I am now on bedrest. I'm not allowed to go into work tomorrow for my last day even! I'm not too broken up, I hope they won't give me any grief though. I'm quite swollen up, my feet are like little sausages. I'm itchy too, and a little rashy, which isn't anything the doc can help with unfortunately. I'm bummed about the bedrest, there is still a lot I wanted to do, and now I have to cancel a lot of things. My husband's birthday is this friday, and we had plans to go out. We still may - plans were to eat dinner out and watch the new Lord of the Rings movie, and that's pretty low key.

I got a sample newborn size diaper, along with a couple other things at the doctor's office today. I could not beleive how tiny that diaper is. I doubt our daughter will fit "newborn" sized of much of anything though, considering how large she is already!


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