Baby McElroy
I'm feeling a little down this morning. I haven't had any signs anything is starting up, and I feel like I am on a deadline now. At my doctor's appointment yesterday they said I'd be induced Wednesday if nothing had happened by then. She also said again that sometimes epidurals are used to help labour progress by relaxing the pelvis, especially with big babies. I'm SO hoping I can go into labour on my own, and that I can avoid the epidural.

I'm nervous about having to be induced, getting an epidural, and ending up witha c-section. (which is an increased likelihood once you are induced, versus going into labour on your own) I'm stressed because I feel like there is nothing I can do but wait and see.......I'm supposed to be resting so I can't even be out walking to try to get things going, and I don't know what else is supposed to help.


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