Baby McElroy
At my doctor's appointment yesterday she decided to send me for a non stress test and another ultrasound.(this must be nearing a record, even the tech said "you're getting to be a regular customer!") My blood pressure had come down to 130/80 at the appointment, but doc still wants me on bedrest (damn!).

Baby Girl performed well enough at the NST, they're just checking for movement and heartrate to increase a certain number of times, and she did that fine. The ultrasound tech we had was really nice, she showed us tons of great face shots and profiles, and then handed us 4 photos at the end! I'll put them up once we scan them. We had to wait over an hour afterwards to chat with an OB. He didn't say much other than he wants me going in to the doc twice a week now, to watch my blood pressure, and mentioned inducing if there were problems.

One thing that makes me a little nervous is the OB and my doc both mentioned that with the amount of fluid I have, if my waters break, there would be a huge gush, and that could force the cord out, which is not a good thing. If my water breaks I'm to head straight for the hospital, and doc said to be on my hands and knees in the back of the car on the way there! A little scarey to think about!


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