Baby McElroy
Another NST at the hospital, followed by an ultrasound and an OB consult. Baby girl is slowing down a bit but still active enough. Everything looked fine on the ultrasound, fluid hasn't increased, all the measurements seemed ok, though large. Her head is 9.9cm (!) and she's guestimated at about 9lb4oz!! (That's what hubby and I both weighed at birth)

The OB isn't in a rush to induce me, though he said that if I didn't go into labour within a week they'd probably want to. Cervix is softening and a fingertip dialated, so that is good, some progress there.

I noticed yesterday my hands started swelling. I did eat chinese food that day, so perhaps the sodium and MSG did it, but it was pretty bad. I could hardly close my hands and they hurt. Today it's better, though they are a little swollen still. I had some caffeinated tea this morning so that might have helped flush out some fluid.


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