Baby McElroy
After a day of dandilion tea and oatmeal/baking soda baths, I'd gotten a lot better, but I'm itching a lot again. This is really quite difficult to deal with! I really hope the doctor can offer me some hope at my appointment tomorrow!

I'm starting to get nervous, almost scared about the baby coming. I can't beleive it really could happen any old day. I don't know what labour is going to be like, how big this baby will be, and how I will do as a mother. It's quite a big deal!

I'm on bedrest still, but I've been cheating a little. I went out with hubby while he ran errands but mostly stayed in the car and knit while he ran in. I'm just getting crazy being stuck at home when I want to be out shopping! I really hope at my appointment tomorrow they say I can start doing things full force again.


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