Baby McElroy
I'm bagged. This baby growing business is tough! Everything and anything wears me out, and I'm a weepy mess for no reason. But then, I start thinking about my baby, or watching her roll around and make my belly move, and I'm filled with such sheer joy it's indescribable. I'm scared about becoming a mom, it's such a huge responsibility and something I can't even imagine until she's here, but I'm also more excited than I've been about anything else in my whole life.

Oh and at the OB last week she's almost positive baby girl got the right idea and moved head down. HOORAY! I'm thrilled to bits about that, I am ok with the idea I may need a C-section but having a planned one was upsetting to me. I'm really hoping for an uncomplicated vaginal birth, as I think most moms do. Weight gain is more in check now, about a pound and a half a week. Everything else looks good, next appointment is on Monday.


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