Baby McElroy
My mom just got back from visiting family in Calgary, and they sent her home with PILES of stuff for me and baby girl. I knew they were sending some stuff, I figured a bunch of outfits and things, as their son is over one and they aren't having any more kids, so they can't use it anymore. Well, mom told me about what she brought. A huge box, a large suitcase stuffed full, and half a duffle bag! There are piles of clothes, bottles, shoes, accessories, a baby gym, bouncy seat, jolly jumper, bit of maternity stuff, and more! The best part? There are both a Sling AND a Baby Carrier in this stuff! I wanted one or the other but hadn't decided which, and now I have one of each! I have had to buy almost nothing for this baby, and it looks like I may not have to yet! I am so excited to head to Mom's place tomorrow to see all this stuff, it's going to be like christmas!

I'm working on knitting up some really cool hats for my aunt and uncle's 2 kids for christmas. After all they sent me I want to do something neat for my cousins!


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