Baby McElroy
My appointment yesterday went well. My weight was up only 2 pounds in 2 weeks, which is good. (much better than the last weigh in of 10lbs in 4 weeks!!) Heartrate was 137, and was so nice to hear, as always. The doctor couldn't tell me the baby's position, she was feeling my belly and asked me to relax my stomach, then said "you've got a rock in there!" meaning it was quite solid. She went to measure my fundus and said "You CAN'T be measuring that big!" I shifted position so my stomach wasn't as tight and she said that was better but I'm still measuring REALLY large. I measured 33 weeks, and I was 29 weeks yesterday! (I measured 28 weeks at 27 weeks along, so that's a big jump - 5 weeks in 2 weeks!) So.....I get another ultrasound!!!!!! I'm so excited, I almost flew home from my appointment, and have been excited ever since. Some people just measure large, so there really isn't any reason to worry, but I get another peek at my baby! Perhaps we can even find out the sex, and maybe get more photos!


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