Baby McElroy
I'm home sick from work today. Hubby's had a cold for over a week and it's finally caught up with me I think. I'm hoping to rest up and make it back to work tomorrow. It's the first day of registration so I need to start at 7am. (my subs would NOT be happy about being asked to come in that early)

I found some NUK nipples on clearance today. 99cents per 2-pack, which is a pretty good deal! I bought one of the 0-6month size and one 6months+. I plan on breastfeeding, but I want to be able to express so hubby can feed baby too. I have some bottles people gave me already.

I finished a pair of knit baby socks this morning:

The image is from when I knit the first one, no point in taking a new photo if they are the same! They are quite cute and fun to do, but I don't see myself knitting a lot of baby socks. They are so darn cheap to buy, and they do take a while to knit up. I just wanted to knit my baby at least one pair of socks myself.


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