Baby McElroy
I'm finally starting to see the end of this cold...I hope. Being sick sucks, but being sick when you are pregnant REALLY sucks.

Baby is moving around so much these days. I love it! That and the ultrasound have been my favorite parts of the pregnancy so far. I love feeling our little baby moving around in there, and seeing my belly jump when it kicks or mves. I talk to my belly sometimes when baby is moving, and I keep trying to figure out its position from the movements. No luck yet, occasionally I've been able to feel what is either a head or a bum, but I just can't tell which. Maybe at my appointment today the doctor can tell me the position.

My weight is still climbing, which frustrates me a lot. We'll see what the doctor says today. I'm not seeming to be retaining a lot of fluid, my blood pressure and thyroid are fine, so I just look like a lazy pig. I made it to the gym once before I got sick, but I've been staying home from work some days I feel so rotten, so I don't think hopping on the stationary bike would have been a good idea. I'll see how I feel midday today, maybe I can get in there for another ride today.


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