Baby McElroy
I got to look over the baby stuff from Calgary. All I can say is WOW! I am so lucky, between that stuff, what our friends already gave us, and the couple of deals I've snagged second hand, we're almost set! In the pile this weekend were:
*a swing
*2 playgyms
*carseat liner bag
*bath support
*Nojo Sling
*PILES of bottles, some liners
*shoes, socks, slippers
*rocker/bouncy seat that vibrates (very nice)
*jolly jumper
*piles of baby clothes from premie through about 18 months. boxes full!
*maternity clothes (4 great shirts, 2 nursing bras, 2 pairs underwear and nursing pads)
*(there is a baby carrier too but it got missed so they will send it later)
*about 12 washcloths
*about 12 blankets receiving and others

Some of the clothes and stuff are REALLY boy oriented but I don't really care. Lots of it is baby Gap and few items even still have tags on them, it's nuts! I left most of it at mom's place as I don't have the space for it at my place yet. All we are missing is a carseat. Walmart had a carseat/stroller combo on sale for $129 that I may have to look at, that is really cheap!



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