Baby McElroy
I'm really starting to get uncomfortable. As this baby (and thus my belly) gets bigger, everything is just more effort and moving around is a challenge. I'm finding sleeping to be harder too, finding a comfortable position is really hard. I woke up middle of the night last night and tossed and turned trying to get comfy. My wonderful husband was woken up by all this, and offered me help and cuddles to settle me back down to get to sleep.

Baby girl seems to have shifted a little, she's pressing in different spots in my belly now. I can't tell her actual position but it SEEMS like she might be moving into a better spot. I hope so!
Back from the OB's appointment. Got a parking ticket while in there. I was running late and had no cash so I chanced it, turns out THEY were running really late so I had a ticket by the time I was out :( $25 wasted.

Most everything looked good in the appointment. Ultrasound showed baby was average size for everything, except it has a big head, which I kind of expected given hubby and I with our large melons. Only bad thing was hearing that baby is breech. If she hasn't turned by 35 weeks they send me for another ultrasound, and if she's still head up they'll plan for a C-section. I'm nervous abut this, I've really been counting on a vaginal birth, so hopefully she'll turn around in the next month.
I got to look over the baby stuff from Calgary. All I can say is WOW! I am so lucky, between that stuff, what our friends already gave us, and the couple of deals I've snagged second hand, we're almost set! In the pile this weekend were:
*a swing
*2 playgyms
*carseat liner bag
*bath support
*Nojo Sling
*PILES of bottles, some liners
*shoes, socks, slippers
*rocker/bouncy seat that vibrates (very nice)
*jolly jumper
*piles of baby clothes from premie through about 18 months. boxes full!
*maternity clothes (4 great shirts, 2 nursing bras, 2 pairs underwear and nursing pads)
*(there is a baby carrier too but it got missed so they will send it later)
*about 12 washcloths
*about 12 blankets receiving and others

Some of the clothes and stuff are REALLY boy oriented but I don't really care. Lots of it is baby Gap and few items even still have tags on them, it's nuts! I left most of it at mom's place as I don't have the space for it at my place yet. All we are missing is a carseat. Walmart had a carseat/stroller combo on sale for $129 that I may have to look at, that is really cheap!

My mom just got back from visiting family in Calgary, and they sent her home with PILES of stuff for me and baby girl. I knew they were sending some stuff, I figured a bunch of outfits and things, as their son is over one and they aren't having any more kids, so they can't use it anymore. Well, mom told me about what she brought. A huge box, a large suitcase stuffed full, and half a duffle bag! There are piles of clothes, bottles, shoes, accessories, a baby gym, bouncy seat, jolly jumper, bit of maternity stuff, and more! The best part? There are both a Sling AND a Baby Carrier in this stuff! I wanted one or the other but hadn't decided which, and now I have one of each! I have had to buy almost nothing for this baby, and it looks like I may not have to yet! I am so excited to head to Mom's place tomorrow to see all this stuff, it's going to be like christmas!

I'm working on knitting up some really cool hats for my aunt and uncle's 2 kids for christmas. After all they sent me I want to do something neat for my cousins!
Something I keep forgetting to share here......after a prenatal class on breastfeeding, where they discussed avoiding artificial nipples/pacifiers for a while to avoid confusion, he came home and made this:
( I linked to it as it's rather large)

The movie we saw had a little note in the bassinett, I guess he figured we needed something more noticable! What a silly man.

It's a Girl!!!!

We went for the ultrasound today and the tech got a clear view of the goods, and let us know we were having a girl! I told her I couldn't really see so she went back later and showed us again. (I had kinda seen I just wanted to be really sure) It was so neat to see our little baby again, and it looks so much more human now. We got to see her little face too, and she is so cute! We got 3 photos, they didn't scan wonderfully, but you can still sort of see things. The first shows an arm and a hand, the second, her face, and the third, a great big foot.

My appointment yesterday went well. My weight was up only 2 pounds in 2 weeks, which is good. (much better than the last weigh in of 10lbs in 4 weeks!!) Heartrate was 137, and was so nice to hear, as always. The doctor couldn't tell me the baby's position, she was feeling my belly and asked me to relax my stomach, then said "you've got a rock in there!" meaning it was quite solid. She went to measure my fundus and said "You CAN'T be measuring that big!" I shifted position so my stomach wasn't as tight and she said that was better but I'm still measuring REALLY large. I measured 33 weeks, and I was 29 weeks yesterday! (I measured 28 weeks at 27 weeks along, so that's a big jump - 5 weeks in 2 weeks!) So.....I get another ultrasound!!!!!! I'm so excited, I almost flew home from my appointment, and have been excited ever since. Some people just measure large, so there really isn't any reason to worry, but I get another peek at my baby! Perhaps we can even find out the sex, and maybe get more photos!
I'm finally starting to see the end of this cold...I hope. Being sick sucks, but being sick when you are pregnant REALLY sucks.

Baby is moving around so much these days. I love it! That and the ultrasound have been my favorite parts of the pregnancy so far. I love feeling our little baby moving around in there, and seeing my belly jump when it kicks or mves. I talk to my belly sometimes when baby is moving, and I keep trying to figure out its position from the movements. No luck yet, occasionally I've been able to feel what is either a head or a bum, but I just can't tell which. Maybe at my appointment today the doctor can tell me the position.

My weight is still climbing, which frustrates me a lot. We'll see what the doctor says today. I'm not seeming to be retaining a lot of fluid, my blood pressure and thyroid are fine, so I just look like a lazy pig. I made it to the gym once before I got sick, but I've been staying home from work some days I feel so rotten, so I don't think hopping on the stationary bike would have been a good idea. I'll see how I feel midday today, maybe I can get in there for another ride today.
I'm finding it really hard to deal with being sick AND pregnant. This is the second cold I've gotten since being pregnant, normally I get maybe one cold in a year! It just makes me extra grumpy feeling icky. Pooh hubby, he's sick still and now has to deal with an extra grumpy me!

On a happy note I did find some nice maternity tops at a consignment shop. It makes me feel better to have clothes I like and think I look nice in, rather than "any old thing that will fit". I'm a big gal to start with so most of the stuff I find at thrift shops seems to be too small, and I'm too cheap to spend $40 on a top new, so finding a cardigan and shell set for $19 and a pretty grey sweater for $14 made me happy.
Baby is actually starting to get big enough to hurt! Some of the time I notice achiness or even stronger pains in one side or the other, that seem to be from baby pushing up against me. Hubby pushed baby out of the way once by pushing on the spot that hurt (and the area was firm, like a butt or head) and that gave me much releif. I think it just depends on what position it's in. I don't think I'm going to manage a trip to the gym today. I am fighting a cold and I don't want to run myself down. I also had to start work at 7am today. yuk.
I'm home sick from work today. Hubby's had a cold for over a week and it's finally caught up with me I think. I'm hoping to rest up and make it back to work tomorrow. It's the first day of registration so I need to start at 7am. (my subs would NOT be happy about being asked to come in that early)

I found some NUK nipples on clearance today. 99cents per 2-pack, which is a pretty good deal! I bought one of the 0-6month size and one 6months+. I plan on breastfeeding, but I want to be able to express so hubby can feed baby too. I have some bottles people gave me already.

I finished a pair of knit baby socks this morning:

The image is from when I knit the first one, no point in taking a new photo if they are the same! They are quite cute and fun to do, but I don't see myself knitting a lot of baby socks. They are so darn cheap to buy, and they do take a while to knit up. I just wanted to knit my baby at least one pair of socks myself.

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