Baby McElroy
My appointment went well, she didn't seem TOO concerned about my weight. I brought it up and said "I don't think I am eating an EXCESSIVE amount....." and she focussed on exercise. She said try to get in some walking each day, it might help with my sleep too. I'm releived that it doesn't seem like a huge issue to her. I gained 8.5lbs in the last month, which is quite a lot I think, but I do gain weight easily and my belly is measuring a touch on the large size. Hubby and I are both larger folks, so we may well be having a large baby.

The prenatal class was alright too. It was very odd being in a room full of pregnant women, plus I am the smallest as they are all a month or more further along. (I'm a touch early taking this class but it was the one that fit my schedule) We watched a video about conception and development, talked about the basics of nutrition, and a bit about baby's position for birth and stuff. A lot of it was stuff I had already read, but I can tell we will learn a few things. I like the instructor. She's young and pretty relaxed, a good mix between professional and knowledgable and easygoing, sort of like my OBs.

I have a day off today, I took wednesdays off from now on to use up my vacation time and get a break midweek. We're off to pick up a changing table a friend is giving us (HOORAY!) and then out for breakfast and some shopping.


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