Baby McElroy
I've been having a moody couple of days. The tiniest little things are frustrating, I'm sad for no reason, and I'm tired out. I really hope this doesn't last. My husband has been great though, so supportive. Last night I was feeling weepy and he just held me and told me it was ok to cry and it was ok that I didn't know why I was sad. Then after a while he told me silly stories to make me laugh. What a gem.

I spent my day off work yesterday looking for maternity clothes, specifically pants. I am down to 2 pairs of pants that fit right, one pair of maternity jeans with the panel in front, and some black stretch pants that are nearly worn through between the legs. Mom and I looked EVERYWHERE in town: the two maternity shops, department stores, a consignment shop, and thrift stores, but no luck. At the Bay (canadian department store) I found one pair of pants that were okay, but they were $50 and brown. I REALLY want black pants, as I have no tops that would go with brown and need to wear runners all the time. Plus $50 is a lot for pants I won't be able to wear that long.......

I'm going to try walmart again after work today, and maybe another thrift shop. What I want are some yoga-style pants that are not TOO casual, that fit mostly under my belly. Anything like that at the maternity shops was porportioned wrong. They seem to think only women with skinny legs and small rears get pregnant!


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