Baby McElroy
I went to a welcome wagon baby shower even yesterday. A number of baby related companies (breast pump folks, Babies R Us, Photographers, etc) come and set up tables, they did a baby CPR demo and photo slide show, and gave away a TON of prizes. Everything from baby wipes to a carseat and a basinett! It seemed like more than half the people there won something. I won a Sound N Lights Baby Monitor which was pretty cool. ( I live in a small apartment and now have two baby monitors, but that's okay!) I also got a bunch of little freebies, mostly from signing up for the Babies R Us registry at the show. Their package of goodies included bottles, a Nuk Soother, nursing pads, a safety switchplate, magnets and some samples.

I'm having what I guess is Sciatic pain, increased over the last couple of days. It's pretty bad, I hobble around funny as a result. From what I read there isn't a lot you can do but wait for the baby to shift position and/or be delivered. I hope this doesn't mean I can't go for walks, I was just trying to start that up again to keep the weight in check!


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