Baby McElroy
I sure cleaned up this weekend - I'm finally feeling more ready for baby, though it can stay inside until fully cooked please! ;)

A friend's mother offered me a changing table she no longer needed, and it is really great. It has a wide drawer and cupboards in the bottom, lots of room to store baby stuff. When we went to pick it up she took us accross the street to see my friend's sister who had two bags of stuff for us: half a dozen plastic bottles, 3 receiving blankets, 2 knit/crochet blankets, a small diaper bag, and a couple baby facecloths! I had to go back with my mom to pick up the changing table later as it wouldn't fit in my little car, and we stopped in at a Salvation Army on the way. There I found a crib for $15!! It's a nice wood one, I measured the slats and they are safe, the matress height is adjustable and the siderail comes down with a foot release, plus it came with a matress, a teddy bear bumper and a matching quilt! I couldn't beleive my luck! I want to give it all a good cleaning, tighten up the bolts and stuff, but it looks great and you can't beat that price.

I set the crib up in the "baby corner" with the changetable at the foot of it, and it makes me really happy to have a real baby space now, instead of a corner with boxes and bags in it. I might try organizing baby stuff into the changetable tonight. Maybe if I get it a little neatened up I will post a photo tomorrow. It's neat but a little spooky to see the crib and changetable set up in the corner......


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