Baby McElroy
I spent most of the day so far working on posters for work. We're doing an open house kind of thing and I needed to cut and paste a bunch of stuff for that. I was working on the floor to have enough space for the posterboard and holy crow was it hard to move around! Crawling around on the floor and leaning over posterboard to glue is HARD WORK with a 6 month preggo belly to work around! I'm finally done, and not a moment too soon!

At our prenatal class tonight we get the tour of the hospital. I'm really looking forward to this, I have no idea what the labour and delivery areas are like. I want to see how big the rooms are too. My mom wants to be in there with us, and I'm concerned that it could get crowded, you know? I don't mind the idea of her there, I could use the support and someone to take photos, but I don't want to feel overcrowded.


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