Baby McElroy
I got good news at my OB appoint, in that my GTT and thyroid tests were fine. Anemia was ok, but since it had dropped a little she wants me to get an iron suppliment. That's fine, I wasn't too worried, I just didn't want it to be so low she'd tell me I had to eat meat or something!

The bad part of the appointment was that my weight is up, again. It's been steadily up, and by more than the "reccomended amount" every visit. I've always gained weight really easily, and had a large appetite. Of course now that I'm pregnant, both these things will happen to an even greater extent. I haven't been able to walk because it causes sciatic pain, and I've been too busy to manage going swimming. So of course my weight is going up. The Dr didn't offer me much advice other than "eat a big salad before meals and watch your portions". Hmmm yeah, that's all news to someone who's struggled with her weight since she was a pre-teen! I cried the whole way home from the appointment. I had hoped to be able to relax about food and my weight while pregnant, all I want is a healthy baby!

I'm going to try and watch my food a little better, limit my junky foods a bit, and maybe up my protein where I can to stave off hunger better, but I'm not going to go nuts. I've had lots of women who've had kids tell me to relax, every woman is different, and that maybe I'm just going to gain more weight than most. (one friend told me she gained 75lbs with her daughter, she was a normal weight to start and is shorter than I am) I also want to work on the exercise. I went to the gym at work (free!) and did 20 minutes light cycling on a stationary bike. I might go swimming with my husband this weekend too.


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