Baby McElroy
I am feeling like I REALLY look pregnant now. Alternately I am self conscious of my big belly, and proud of it. It's weird to have such a big belly, such an obvious sign of my current state.

I've had nausea off and on, and have had to head to the bathroom more often. I think baby might be more vertical now, pressing on bladder and stomach at the same time. The nausea hasn't been that bad, just a little nagging feeling, so I can mostly ignore it.

We were watching Maternity Ward on tv last night. A young woman had to have her baby by C-section at 25 weeks because of an infection in her uterus. It was amazing to see that tiny baby when they pulled it out. It was so tiny and thin, obviously not meant to be coming out so soon. But at the same time I was floored, thinking "THAT is what is inside me right now. If our baby came out now, it might actually survive and would actually look like a little human". They didn't say how the baby did long-term, but they did show it again a month later (29 weeks I guess) and it looked much better, filled out and better colouring.


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