Baby McElroy
Baby is bopping around a lot these days. I love feeling it move, knowing there is a growing little baby in there! It's a lot easier to feel from the outside now, so hubby can often catch some good thumps. The other day he put his head on my belly and started talking to the baby, and it kicked his face a few time! That was pretty neat, feeling the baby respond to his deep voice. I could tell he was really excited about that.

I've been finding out what makes the baby move more. Sometimes it's just a mystery, like why it's thumping away in there now, but other times I can coax movement. When I lean into a counter or push hard on my belly it thumps, like it doesn't like running out of room. When I eat something sugary like sweets or juice that usually gets it going for a bit. Also, when I knit with 2 circular needles, and the extra ends hang down and tap my belly lightly, baby seems to respond to that, which is fun.


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