Baby McElroy
Baby has been kicking a LOT lately. This morning we lay in bed for almost half an hour after waking cuddling, while hubby had his hand accross my belly. Baby kicked almost nonstop, and neither of us wanted to get up and start getting ready for work. It didn't help to hear the stormy weather outside. It would have been great to stay cuddled in bed enjoying that time. I love feeling the baby move around.

I've got an OB appt this afternoon, where I will find out the results of my thyroid, anemia and one-hour GTT test. I'm REALLY hoping the GTT one comes back ok.

The hospital tour we had on tuesday was neat. I feel better seeing where it all happens, lilke that is one less unknown in this whole process. The rooms are quite tiny, though there were 15 of us in the class crowded into the little room. I still think I will want my mom there. She's done this before and attended several other births, so she should be a big help. If labour is long it might be good for hubby to have someone else there too. We got to see a brand new baby being bathed while checking out the nursery area - so cute!


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