Baby McElroy
I'm sick. I have a nasty cold that is just not fun. I started getting a sore throat on Thursday evening, and by Friday morning ws sniffly and stuffy too. I stayed at home friday, but am back today. Staying home leaves me such a mess at work to come back to that it's just not worth it!

I haven't felt baby moving again since Wednesday. I've been poking and shaking my belly, checking after eating, or after having had some caffeine, but no signs of activity. The doctor did say that it was quite early for a first timer to feel it, so I'm trying not to get too anxious yet. Hubby is quick to remind me that I will eventually get sick of baby kicking and moving around, but for now I just want to feel it!

I've been doing some reorganizing at home. We live in a smallish space, and have tons of things, plus we're both messy people. I'm trying to take steps to get organized so it won't be overwhelming once the baby comes. We also need to clear out a nook in the living room for baby's space, so I've been working on that. I'm really excited about that, getting an actual "baby space" set up. I don't have any furniture or anything, there will just be a small pile of the few baby items we have, but it will be a start!


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