Baby McElroy
I felt it!

Finally I felt our little baby moving! I was getting really down about not having felt any movement yet. I know it can take a while for first timers to feel things, especially if we aree "well padded" but I was getting impatient and wondering if it would ever happen for me. I was reading a message board where someone posted about this very concern. Others said that first timers sometimes missed it for a while, as they expected something obvious when it's a really subtle fluttering feeling. I leaned back in my chair and concentrated on my belly for a moment and there it was! A squishy little thump in my lower belly!! It's almost like baby was trying to reassure me saying "here I am!" in its own little way.

Of course, now I am all anxious for it to happen again.....but nothing yet.

I don't know what happened to my comments, they've just dissapeared. They do this now and again when YACCS is updating or doing maintenance or whatever it is they do, but not for this long. Hopefully they aren't gone, I like hearing from people!


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