Baby McElroy
Hubby got to feel the baby kick last night! He was making dinner and I felt some really strong kicks, like a heartbeat, so I called him over. He managed to feel one, he was so surprised, he thought it was just me heart. I'm so happy he finally felt it, I've been feeling bad telling him all the time when baby is kicking, and he can't be a part of it. I think it will be a while until he can feel it regularly, but I'm still thrilled.

I slept better the last couple of nights, which is fantastic. I'm feeling way better as a result. I'm still not sleeping 100% or as long as I'd like, but it's an improvement. I found a tiny dose of caffeine midday, like a cup of tea, really picks me up to. I want to ask the OB on Tuesday about how much caffeine is ok. I don't think a cup or two of tea is a lot, but I want to make sure.

My weight is also climbing pretty high, which concerns me. I'm eating quite a bit, but not a ton. I have a decent breakfast (hashbrowns with veggies, egg burritos, or pancakes and soy bacon) couple snacks (granola bar and a piece of fruit or veggies) decent lunch (leftover casserole, pasta, frozen meal, sandwich and fruit) and dinner like lunch. When I have snacks it's usually fruit, unsalted tortilla chips, veggies and dip, pickles, granola bars, pudding, things like that. I don't feel like I'm eating a TON. My metabolism has always been slow so I gain weight easily, probably due to being hypothroid. Plus my body is trying to gain weight with the pregnancy, so I'm maybe just not going to be ne of the folks that gains 25-30lbs for the whole pregnancy. (heck I'm approaching that already!)


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