Baby McElroy
Baby is still bopping around in my belly. I love feeling the little thumps and bumps so much! Ironically, it's been most active when I have been watching baby shows on tv! (Maternity Ward, A Baby Story, and Birth Stories)

I'm still coughing a little from the cold but otherwise I'm over it, thank goodness. It's tiring enough being pregnant, without a cold to add to the mix! I'm starting to get worried about my weight. From the scale this morning I'm looking at over 20lbs gained so far and I'm only at 21 weeks.......I'm hoping a couple pounds of that is water weight from the salty food we've had in the last couple days, but I know a lot is my fault. I've just been SO hungry all the damn time! I also haven't had the energy for any exercise at all. I'm planning a short walk today though, and packed a pretty healthy lunch and snacks, so we will see if I can't work on doing better.



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