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I've had a rough day, I'm just not feeling great. I was a bit nauseous this morning, am tired, mopey, weepy - blech.

I think part of it is stress. I've got an OB appointment in less than 2 hours, then our first prenatal class is tonight. I'm looking forward to both these things, but they're both a little stressful. I'm concerned that my weight is going to be a big issue at the OB today. (and of course, that means I'm having a "super hungry day")
Hubby got to feel the baby kick last night! He was making dinner and I felt some really strong kicks, like a heartbeat, so I called him over. He managed to feel one, he was so surprised, he thought it was just me heart. I'm so happy he finally felt it, I've been feeling bad telling him all the time when baby is kicking, and he can't be a part of it. I think it will be a while until he can feel it regularly, but I'm still thrilled.

I slept better the last couple of nights, which is fantastic. I'm feeling way better as a result. I'm still not sleeping 100% or as long as I'd like, but it's an improvement. I found a tiny dose of caffeine midday, like a cup of tea, really picks me up to. I want to ask the OB on Tuesday about how much caffeine is ok. I don't think a cup or two of tea is a lot, but I want to make sure.

My weight is also climbing pretty high, which concerns me. I'm eating quite a bit, but not a ton. I have a decent breakfast (hashbrowns with veggies, egg burritos, or pancakes and soy bacon) couple snacks (granola bar and a piece of fruit or veggies) decent lunch (leftover casserole, pasta, frozen meal, sandwich and fruit) and dinner like lunch. When I have snacks it's usually fruit, unsalted tortilla chips, veggies and dip, pickles, granola bars, pudding, things like that. I don't feel like I'm eating a TON. My metabolism has always been slow so I gain weight easily, probably due to being hypothroid. Plus my body is trying to gain weight with the pregnancy, so I'm maybe just not going to be ne of the folks that gains 25-30lbs for the whole pregnancy. (heck I'm approaching that already!)
A good night's sleep would be nice. I've been sleeping worse and worse as the days go by. I fall asleep just fine, since I am so tired, but then I wake up really early and toss and turn for a couple hours. We normally get up at 6:30, but set hte alarm for 7 to sleep in a little. Of course, I woke up at 4:30. I think I got 20minutes sleep between 4:30 and 7am. Not fun times!

I'm feeling really mopey and unmotivated today. I'm having trouble concentrating at work, and would love to be anywhere but here. I'm quite tired, and I think that might be part of the problem. I'm just not sleeping well anymore. I got to bed by 9:30 last night, and was up at 6:30, feeling reasonably awake, but now I'm just bagged. I wake up a lot in the night, so my sleep quality suffers. Last night I woke up and rolled over and got a sharp pain just in from my hip. I think this might be that "round ligament pain" I read about.

I have so much work to do, and just can't make myself do it.....
I saw another person's belly pics on her website today....she has this perfect round belly, mine still has that silly line in it. [pout] Makes me feel more fat than pregnant sometimes.

Baby is kicking up a storm which is really neat. I love the constant reminder that something is in there. I can't wait until hubby can feel it too and enjoy this with me.
I managed another short walk today. Took my pedometer this time, it was 3/4 of a mile. Walking isn't making me feel physically better, in fact I get tired and achey, but it's helping me mentally. The scale seems to be climbing daily, and I'm stressing out about that. I am eating more than I was pre-pregnancy, but not a lot more, and I get worried I'm going to gain way too much. Doesn't help that my mom has finally found a weight loss regime that is working for her and comments OFTEN how "Come Christmas, I might actually weigh less than you!" (My mother has always been a very large woman, so this is a pretty big deal)
I forgot to post my newer belly pictures! I took these a day or two ago, so at 20 weeks, 4 days:

I like the second one better, but I was trying to make it match with the shorts lower to compare with my 16 week pics. I can see a definite difference, I'm feeling like I am finally starting to look more pregnant than fat!
Baby is still bopping around in my belly. I love feeling the little thumps and bumps so much! Ironically, it's been most active when I have been watching baby shows on tv! (Maternity Ward, A Baby Story, and Birth Stories)

I'm still coughing a little from the cold but otherwise I'm over it, thank goodness. It's tiring enough being pregnant, without a cold to add to the mix! I'm starting to get worried about my weight. From the scale this morning I'm looking at over 20lbs gained so far and I'm only at 21 weeks.......I'm hoping a couple pounds of that is water weight from the salty food we've had in the last couple days, but I know a lot is my fault. I've just been SO hungry all the damn time! I also haven't had the energy for any exercise at all. I'm planning a short walk today though, and packed a pretty healthy lunch and snacks, so we will see if I can't work on doing better.

Feeling more and more baby movements, which is very exciting. I keep noticing them after the fact, like "was that just something I felt?!" but it's been enough I'm fairly certain some of it at least is baby :) I'm noticing my belly is getting a lot bigger too. It's nice to have some of these positive signs of pregnancy going on.

I'm feeling a lot better today though this cold really took a lot out of me! I can't remember being THIS sick from a cold before, I guess it's being pregnant at the same time making it rougher. I'm glad it's Friday and I will have the weekend to finish recouperating.

Baby gave me a few kicks last night. I was laying still and hopeful, as I do every night, with my hand on my belly. I felt three little thumps, slightly spaced apart. Very cool. It's just so amazing to think I have this little tiny human being growing inside of me. I can't wait until I can feel it all the time, and hubby can too.

I'm still quite sick, and am staying home from work today. Despite the mess it makes at work, I'm too sick to be there. I'm coughing a lot and feel pretty crummy. I did manage a good night's sleep last night. I must have finally been so exhausted that I shut down and avoided the usual tossing and turning for a comfy position.
I'm sick. I have a nasty cold that is just not fun. I started getting a sore throat on Thursday evening, and by Friday morning ws sniffly and stuffy too. I stayed at home friday, but am back today. Staying home leaves me such a mess at work to come back to that it's just not worth it!

I haven't felt baby moving again since Wednesday. I've been poking and shaking my belly, checking after eating, or after having had some caffeine, but no signs of activity. The doctor did say that it was quite early for a first timer to feel it, so I'm trying not to get too anxious yet. Hubby is quick to remind me that I will eventually get sick of baby kicking and moving around, but for now I just want to feel it!

I've been doing some reorganizing at home. We live in a smallish space, and have tons of things, plus we're both messy people. I'm trying to take steps to get organized so it won't be overwhelming once the baby comes. We also need to clear out a nook in the living room for baby's space, so I've been working on that. I'm really excited about that, getting an actual "baby space" set up. I don't have any furniture or anything, there will just be a small pile of the few baby items we have, but it will be a start!
Well the comments are down for a while yet. It seems the server failed and he has to send over a new server to replace the old one, which takes time since it's accross the country from the guy trying to fix it. If you feel like commenting on anything, feel free to EMAIL ME or something :)
I felt it!

Finally I felt our little baby moving! I was getting really down about not having felt any movement yet. I know it can take a while for first timers to feel things, especially if we aree "well padded" but I was getting impatient and wondering if it would ever happen for me. I was reading a message board where someone posted about this very concern. Others said that first timers sometimes missed it for a while, as they expected something obvious when it's a really subtle fluttering feeling. I leaned back in my chair and concentrated on my belly for a moment and there it was! A squishy little thump in my lower belly!! It's almost like baby was trying to reassure me saying "here I am!" in its own little way.

Of course, now I am all anxious for it to happen again.....but nothing yet.

I don't know what happened to my comments, they've just dissapeared. They do this now and again when YACCS is updating or doing maintenance or whatever it is they do, but not for this long. Hopefully they aren't gone, I like hearing from people!

The ultrasound on friday was very cool. Our little baby was moving around a bit, it was great to see it active. Though it did play shy on us, and had its legs crossed, so I have to keep calling it an "it". I'm dissapointed in that, but would rather not know than have an inaccurate guess I suppose! We got 6 photos, and if you click on the small image below yu can see them larger:

I think I'm going to print up the bottom left one to take to work with me ;)

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