Baby McElroy
Well, my thyroid levels were fine. They are creeping up ever so slightly, but still fine. Doc sent me to have my iron and B12 checked, since that could make me really tired, and being a vegetarian, it's definitely a possibility. I've been trying to find more high iron foods to eat, and have been feeling a tad better in the last little while though. I can't find any super high iron cereals like Total in our stores though. Best I have is shreddies which have about 3.5 mg of iron. I've been eating dried apricots and prunes, and watching for other foods with iron in them, but not having a ton of luck.

I'm starting to "show" a bit. It's still totally hideable in the right clothes, but I can tell there is definite bely growth going on. and everything from below my boobs down is a it firmer, and fuller feeling. I'm going to have to hurry up and start taking belly photos I think!

I still haven't felt any flutters. I spend a few minutes each morning and night lying still and trying to notice something, but nothing yet. The other night I thought I felt something, turned out to be gas.


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