Baby McElroy
I had a horrible time sleeping last night! I had once glass of pepsi (they made a new vanilla flavoured pepsi - you bet I had to try it!) so I wonder if the caffeine was partly to blame? I only had one glass though, maybe 12 ounces, and that was almost 3 hours before bed. I was also feeling really excited thinking about baby. I had that fluttery happy feeling you get the night before your birthday or christmas - quite fun!

My wonderful husband surprised me yesterday when I came home to a clean apartment! He's done school now, and looking for a co-op job for the next four months, and he used his free time yesterday to clean as a surprise to me. Our place was getting pretty bad, he's been busy with school and I've been too tired and unmotivated to do anything. It was so nice to have the place all clean, we're trying to invite some folks over for board games tonight to celebrate.


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