Baby McElroy
17 weeks as of yesterday. It's really moving along, I'm nearing the halfway point already! I am so excited about our ultrasound next friday. We plan to spend the whole day doing fun stuff together, hubby and I, since I took the day off. I wouldn't have made it to work until at least 11am and my heart wouldn't have been in working, so I took a vacation day.

My belly is really starting to pop out. Hubby accused me of sticking my stomach out yesterday, he says it is visibly bigger than it was on Wednesday. My weight hasn't been going up though. I think I am at the same weight I was at my OB appt two weeks ago. That's a good thing though, I gained a bit more than I should have in the first trimester. I've been eating a good variety of food, and lots of it, so not gaining is A-ok with me.



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