Baby McElroy
16 weeks today!

I'm feeling really tired still, but no call from the doctor, so I guess my iron levels are ok. I've been eating prunes and dried apricots, and seeking other veggie iron sources to add into my diet anyways. My belly seems to be growing daily. Yesterday both my husband and I both noticed it's sticking out more, about as far as my breasts!

I was a little worried after my appointment last week, that my weight was going up way too fast. I'd gained almost 10 pounds in just over a month. (though I think I was shoeless the first time, and weighed with shoes on the second) I've added in a few walks, and am trying to watch my food choices a little better. It looks like my weight stayed the same or even went down this week, so I'm feeling better. I am TOTALLY not dieting though, no way. Just being aware. My menu from yesterday was:

tea with skim milk
eggs and hash browns with veggies
orange juice
kraft dinner
6 prunes
veggie dogs on whole wheat
unsalted tortilla chips with veggies and a bit of cheese
vegitarian chinese food (soy balls with peppers and pineapple, veggies and tofu in satay sauce, wonton soup)

So I am definitely eating enough, and reasonably varied foods. I know kraft dinner isn't that good for you, but I like it, it's quick, and it's so cheap!


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