Baby McElroy
Well I just had my meeting with my boss to give him the news! I was fairly nervous, partly since I am still on Contract were I'm working, but it all went very well. They are planning on making me permanent (he told me this before I gave him the word) and that still stands given that I'm pregnant. This means that I will retain benefits while on my maternity leave, and will have a full time job here to come back to. HOORAY! I also told a couple coworkers, one of which has plans to tell all of Computing Services today (my department) so everyone should know by the company BBQ next week.

I feel really happy and relaxed now, since I don't have to hide my pregnancy from anyone any longer. I'm looking forward to my day off with my husband tomorrow, and to our ultrasound in the morning!
I feel awful today. I was slightly nauseous this morning, and I've been dragging my butt all day. I feel tired and weak and it's no fun! I actually got a reasonably good night's sleep last night, so I don't understand feeling MORE tired today. Perhaps baby is having itself a little growth spurt or something. I know my belly looks pretty big to me today.

17 weeks as of yesterday. It's really moving along, I'm nearing the halfway point already! I am so excited about our ultrasound next friday. We plan to spend the whole day doing fun stuff together, hubby and I, since I took the day off. I wouldn't have made it to work until at least 11am and my heart wouldn't have been in working, so I took a vacation day.

My belly is really starting to pop out. Hubby accused me of sticking my stomach out yesterday, he says it is visibly bigger than it was on Wednesday. My weight hasn't been going up though. I think I am at the same weight I was at my OB appt two weeks ago. That's a good thing though, I gained a bit more than I should have in the first trimester. I've been eating a good variety of food, and lots of it, so not gaining is A-ok with me.

My breasts hurt today. Stabby pains alternating right and left sides. Ouchie!

Photo Time!

I had my husband snap some photos of my belly last night. They do show that I am getting pretty big, but they also show that I am kinda fat. blah.

So there I am, 16 weeks and a day. I think I'm going to be MASSIVE by the end. Here comes Wendy's belly - look out!
I had a horrible time sleeping last night! I had once glass of pepsi (they made a new vanilla flavoured pepsi - you bet I had to try it!) so I wonder if the caffeine was partly to blame? I only had one glass though, maybe 12 ounces, and that was almost 3 hours before bed. I was also feeling really excited thinking about baby. I had that fluttery happy feeling you get the night before your birthday or christmas - quite fun!

My wonderful husband surprised me yesterday when I came home to a clean apartment! He's done school now, and looking for a co-op job for the next four months, and he used his free time yesterday to clean as a surprise to me. Our place was getting pretty bad, he's been busy with school and I've been too tired and unmotivated to do anything. It was so nice to have the place all clean, we're trying to invite some folks over for board games tonight to celebrate.
16 weeks today!

I'm feeling really tired still, but no call from the doctor, so I guess my iron levels are ok. I've been eating prunes and dried apricots, and seeking other veggie iron sources to add into my diet anyways. My belly seems to be growing daily. Yesterday both my husband and I both noticed it's sticking out more, about as far as my breasts!

I was a little worried after my appointment last week, that my weight was going up way too fast. I'd gained almost 10 pounds in just over a month. (though I think I was shoeless the first time, and weighed with shoes on the second) I've added in a few walks, and am trying to watch my food choices a little better. It looks like my weight stayed the same or even went down this week, so I'm feeling better. I am TOTALLY not dieting though, no way. Just being aware. My menu from yesterday was:

tea with skim milk
eggs and hash browns with veggies
orange juice
kraft dinner
6 prunes
veggie dogs on whole wheat
unsalted tortilla chips with veggies and a bit of cheese
vegitarian chinese food (soy balls with peppers and pineapple, veggies and tofu in satay sauce, wonton soup)

So I am definitely eating enough, and reasonably varied foods. I know kraft dinner isn't that good for you, but I like it, it's quick, and it's so cheap!
Well, my thyroid levels were fine. They are creeping up ever so slightly, but still fine. Doc sent me to have my iron and B12 checked, since that could make me really tired, and being a vegetarian, it's definitely a possibility. I've been trying to find more high iron foods to eat, and have been feeling a tad better in the last little while though. I can't find any super high iron cereals like Total in our stores though. Best I have is shreddies which have about 3.5 mg of iron. I've been eating dried apricots and prunes, and watching for other foods with iron in them, but not having a ton of luck.

I'm starting to "show" a bit. It's still totally hideable in the right clothes, but I can tell there is definite bely growth going on. and everything from below my boobs down is a it firmer, and fuller feeling. I'm going to have to hurry up and start taking belly photos I think!

I still haven't felt any flutters. I spend a few minutes each morning and night lying still and trying to notice something, but nothing yet. The other night I thought I felt something, turned out to be gas.
I had a LONG long weekend. If I thought I was tired last week, that was nothing to how I felt on Sunday night. I spent the weekend running the clothing/souveneir booth at our big lacrosse tournament. It's not particularly hard work, but it was pretty busy, and involved shlepping boxes of clothing around. I also did a lot of walking around too, lots more activity than I've done in a while. But it was a lot of fun too. I got to see some of the games. I really wish I was playing!!

I got all psyched up to tell my boss about the pregnancy this week, but when I emailed him for a meeting, his auto-reply says he's away until the end of the month. Oh well, I guess that decides that FOR me anyways!

I have another appointment tomorrow afternoon. I'm really hoping they will tell me that my thyroid levels are off, as that would explain how gosh darn tired I've been. I'm really hoping this isn't all pregnancy stuff - I though I was supposed to feel better in the 2nd trimester?!?

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