Baby McElroy
Well the nausea still comes and goes. I actually puked on saturday evening, (our anniversary - how nice) which was a little upsetting. I started thinking about it and the last time I had thrown up was over 4 years ago! No wonder I was upset by it! I don't know if I ate something bad or the nausea just finally got me.

I can see a change in my stomach, it's definitely filling out. It's exciting, and a little strange at the same time. It's odd to watch your body change. I'm also still trying to hide the pregnancy at work for another month, until I get a contract for september, so I hope I don't get too big too fast!

I found a couple tops at the thrift shops this weekend. One is a long black maternity top with little sparkles in it that will be perfect in the winder for work, the other a plain cotton polo top that is a "plus size small" that fits with room for belly to grow, and looks normalish. The maternity top wigged me out a bit. It's really hard imagining that I will get that much bigger, I just can't wrap my head around it!


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