Baby McElroy
Still feeling pretty pukey. Every morning I wake up hoping the nausea will dissapear, but I think I have to be patient. I've likely got a few weeks left. [sigh] It could be worse, it's just getting really old is all. Despite feeling nauseous all the time my appetite is in overdrive. It's obscene the amount of food I am packing back, I'm really surprising myself. Luckily there was lots of good fruit and veggies at the grocery store so I can make sure most of my food is healthy and not too high cal.

The doctor's appt on friday went well. I was really at ease with this woman, which was great. I warned her I was nervous, but it wasn't bad at all. The pap didn't hurt at all and no spotting afterwards. She couldn't hear the heartbeat on the doppler but said it WAS pretty early so that's no big deal. My thyroid was fine, and my iron was great, which is a releif. I didn't expect my iron result to be bad, but being a vegitarian I was really hopeful to get a good result.

I'm okayed for exercise now but no sex for another 2 weeks since my cervix is "red and inflamed looking". Pooh. Now that lacrosse is over I'd rather no excercise but plenty of sex, hehe. Ah well, I can stand to wait to my birthday at least (July 16th) but no longer ;P. Dr said "tell your hubby I'm sorry" when she stated the no sex thing, but what about me!? He's being all nice and patient, but I'm not feeling that way.


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