Baby McElroy
I haven't posted much, but just coming here to post whines and complaints seems kind of lame ;P

I'm finally seeing some releif from the nausea! I still have waves, and a very low level of nausea most of the time, but it's deffinitely getting better. I'm VERY happy about that. Of course, now I'm noticing aches, pains, fatigue and moodiness a lot more. I don't know if they've increased or if I'm just noticing them now that the nausea is all consuming. I'm REALLY resenting the "no sex" ruling from the doctor. I'm going crazy, really I am! No sex on my birthday even, but friday is our fifth wedding anniversary and I may just say "to heck with it!" Me being miserable isn't helping things at all.

It's pretty cool knowing I'm almost into the 2nd trimester now, time has flown. I don't know when the third trimester starts, I've heard that it is the beginning, middle or end of week thirteen though, and I will hit thirteen weeks tomorrow.



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