Baby McElroy
I'm so tired that I can hardly stand it. I considered calling in sick to work today, I was that tired. And I can't even grab a cup of coffee to wake me up, since I'm avoiding caffeine! I ended up going to work though, since it's air conditioned here and I would have been SO uncomfortable at home in the heat we've been having. Once I get doing something I'm not too bad, but I forsee a very early bedtime tonight.

I'm feeling super moody too. Stuff bugs me a lot, my fuse is really short. Then I will get all happy-weepy about pregnancy stuff, then I will be scared, then sad, then happy again. Maybe that is why I am so darn tired!
Well the nausea still comes and goes. I actually puked on saturday evening, (our anniversary - how nice) which was a little upsetting. I started thinking about it and the last time I had thrown up was over 4 years ago! No wonder I was upset by it! I don't know if I ate something bad or the nausea just finally got me.

I can see a change in my stomach, it's definitely filling out. It's exciting, and a little strange at the same time. It's odd to watch your body change. I'm also still trying to hide the pregnancy at work for another month, until I get a contract for september, so I hope I don't get too big too fast!

I found a couple tops at the thrift shops this weekend. One is a long black maternity top with little sparkles in it that will be perfect in the winder for work, the other a plain cotton polo top that is a "plus size small" that fits with room for belly to grow, and looks normalish. The maternity top wigged me out a bit. It's really hard imagining that I will get that much bigger, I just can't wrap my head around it!
I haven't posted much, but just coming here to post whines and complaints seems kind of lame ;P

I'm finally seeing some releif from the nausea! I still have waves, and a very low level of nausea most of the time, but it's deffinitely getting better. I'm VERY happy about that. Of course, now I'm noticing aches, pains, fatigue and moodiness a lot more. I don't know if they've increased or if I'm just noticing them now that the nausea is all consuming. I'm REALLY resenting the "no sex" ruling from the doctor. I'm going crazy, really I am! No sex on my birthday even, but friday is our fifth wedding anniversary and I may just say "to heck with it!" Me being miserable isn't helping things at all.

It's pretty cool knowing I'm almost into the 2nd trimester now, time has flown. I don't know when the third trimester starts, I've heard that it is the beginning, middle or end of week thirteen though, and I will hit thirteen weeks tomorrow.

Wow so much has happened this week! I had more spotting, plus a little cramping, so the doctor told me to come in. She was able to hear the heartbeat with the doppler, which was so cool. I think that was one of the sweetest sounds I have ever heard! She took a look and said everything looked ok, but she'd send me for an ultrasound too just to make sure. I had the ultrasound this morning. Wow. It was incredible. My husband came along, he's been a little jealous I got to see the first ultrasound and hear the heartbeat, so this was really neat for him. The baby was so active, I didn't realize how much they move around! It was waving it's tiny arms and kicking and just moving it's whole body around. I could see all the little fingers, and when we got a shot from the front I saw it's chubby little face! I'm still in awe of what I saw this morning. It's so hard to beleive that little creature is growing inside me.

The tech asked if I'd ever been told I had a fibroid, so I'm a tad concerned about that. She's going to check an ultrasound I had done back in January before I was pregnant, and that should give her the information she needs. I hope nothing is wrong!

It was my birthday yesterday. Now I am 26 years old. It's not a big landmark birthday, last year made me feel kind of old, this time it I had a nice little celebration with my family. I got some neat gifts (body shop stuff, candles, rice maker, chocolate for cravings, hehe) but the best one came from my husband. He got me a digital camera!! I'd sort of wanted one for a while, but now with the baby coming I really wanted to have one. I'm so excited, I need to get new battaries for it, but I can't wait to start taking photos!
I had a few moments of not feeling pukey so far today, but overall still - blah. My neigbour was telling me another woman in our building was sick for 9 months with both her kids! I don't think I could stand that. Though I refused the offer of drugs to help with the nausea at my last appointment, if I still feel rotten at my next appointment in 3 weeks I may change my mind on that.

Despite feeling so sick, I'm getting even more excited about the baby. I keep thinking about what it's going to be like, picturing myself or my husband holding an infant, and feeling so happy about it all. I told my husband this morning maybe you just get so HAPPY at the end of the first trimester you forget you're sick? hehe
11 weeks today! I can't beleive I'm approaching the end of the first trimester already, but other times it seems to be moving along so slowly. I'm feeling horrid these days, I think the nausea is getting worse. I'm gagging daily, though I haven't actually puked. I ended up with chips and french onion dip today, as that was all I could stomach.

I am going to have to go bra shopping, the ones I have are definitely getting too small. I measured myself this morning and it looks like I may have to go up a couple sizes - eep! I'm in my sportsbras right now. They're comfy, but not flattering, they sort of squish everything together.
Still feeling pretty pukey. Every morning I wake up hoping the nausea will dissapear, but I think I have to be patient. I've likely got a few weeks left. [sigh] It could be worse, it's just getting really old is all. Despite feeling nauseous all the time my appetite is in overdrive. It's obscene the amount of food I am packing back, I'm really surprising myself. Luckily there was lots of good fruit and veggies at the grocery store so I can make sure most of my food is healthy and not too high cal.

The doctor's appt on friday went well. I was really at ease with this woman, which was great. I warned her I was nervous, but it wasn't bad at all. The pap didn't hurt at all and no spotting afterwards. She couldn't hear the heartbeat on the doppler but said it WAS pretty early so that's no big deal. My thyroid was fine, and my iron was great, which is a releif. I didn't expect my iron result to be bad, but being a vegitarian I was really hopeful to get a good result.

I'm okayed for exercise now but no sex for another 2 weeks since my cervix is "red and inflamed looking". Pooh. Now that lacrosse is over I'd rather no excercise but plenty of sex, hehe. Ah well, I can stand to wait to my birthday at least (July 16th) but no longer ;P. Dr said "tell your hubby I'm sorry" when she stated the no sex thing, but what about me!? He's being all nice and patient, but I'm not feeling that way.
I have my second OB appointment today. I'm a little nervous, this one is "the physical". Not that anything really scarey will happen, just a Pap and stuff, I've just never had any other doctor than my GP. I've been seeing my GP since I was probably 2 years old, he delivered my brother and sister even. As weird as it is I'm nervous about getting a physical and stuff from a female, since I've only ever had my male doctor before! I'm not freaking out, just a little nervous.

I am looking forward to hearing how my test results are though. I want to see if my thyroid levels are ok. I had the second test for that Monday so she should have two results to compare and see if pregnancy is messing with my levels. I also want to see how my iron level is. I don't worry too much about it, my diet is okay, but being a vegitarian I need to think about it.

I don't have a lot of questions to ask at the appointment today. I've been reading a ton online, and in books, so I'm feeling pretty ok in terms of knowledge and understanding for this point. I'm going to mention that I can see a physical difference in my belly and ask when I can expect to "look pregnant" rather than just chubby. I also need to confirm that exercise and sex are ok. (even though I sort of decided to go ahead with both earlier in the week - HA!)
I played lacrosse on Tuesday and it went pretty well! I was able to run a lot faster and play better than I expected, which made me feel great. I was worried that almost a month of inactivity would take it's toll. I'm done with lacrosse for the year, I'll help out at the August tournament instead of playing, and will definitely be getting big by the time field hockey starts. I do want to get back into walking at lunch, and maybe swimming more. My mom said for my birthday next month she'd get me a maternity swimsuit and swim passes, which is great. I don't need a maternity swimsuit yet, but I will down the road!

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