Baby McElroy
Well I had my OB appointment on Friday. I like the woman, though she seemed a bit rushed. I did have a late appointment, and the first visit is just a great big survey with this practice. I should meet the other woman next appointment in a month. (they share the practice) I ran into someone from highschool when I went to the lab for my MANY many tests they like to do. (iron, thyroid, HIV, etc, etc) She was just starting her 1 hour wait for the diabetes test or something, so we sat and chatted. It was great to chat with someone my age about pregnancy. We exchanged emails and plan to keep in touch.

What I thought had been morning sickness in the first couple weeks, was NOTHING! It kicked into gear on friday, and NOW I know what morning sickness feels like. YUK! I had real trouble finding foods I could stand the thought of. Cheese has been a big part of my diet lately, I've been craving it all day every day! I don't know if it's the protein or what, but it's all I want to eat! I've been generally eating whatever sounds good to me at the time, and that helps the morning sickness a bit. I'm not too worried about my nutrition. I'm still taking my prenatals, getting in some fruit and stuff, and I figure eating stuff that's a bit junky or not too varied is better than not eating at all!


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