Baby McElroy
More spotting late yesterday and then today some that looked red, so I called the Dr. She was very reassuring, said it didn't sound like a misscarriage, but that she'd like me to get an ultrasound done to make sure everything is ok. That makes me feel better, that she is not worried, and that they're checking things out. Plus I'm excited at the ultrasound, I'm far enough along now that I will see the heartbeat, assuming everything is okay. So now I'm just waiting to hear from the office when the ultrasound will be. I'm not looking forward to drinking all the water and holding it in! Last time I had to do that for an ultrasound, my kidneys were too efficient or something so I was TOO FULL! They sent me to empty "part way", not once but TWICE! I imagine that would be harder with the speedy pregnancy bladder I have now!

I forgot to mention father's day :) I got my husband a silly book called "So you're going to be a dad" and made him a card. He was so surprised and pleased he had tears in his eyes when he saw the gift! He's been so great, so very supportive of me in all my whining and moaning, and I really want him to feel special and loved, and important in this whole process.


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