Baby McElroy
I'm still fighting the nausea, though it does seem to be a little better. I does seem to be quite tied in with eating, if I keep eating constantly (and I mean constantly) I do better. I've been trying to split my meals up and eat every hour or so and that helps. Today though I started feeling a hint of nausea when it was time for lunch (and over an hour since I last ate) and ignored it to finish up with something for about 15minutes and I'm STILL feeling off since that. ((sigh)) I'm going to be HUGE if I have to eat every hour! I'm going to grab some more veggies at the store on the way home I think, to give me something low cal to snack on.

I'm also feeling really mopey and sad. I'm doing my best to hold it together at work (where I'm still keeping it a secret) and with family and friends, but that means my poor husband gets the brunt of it when I let loose at home. He's been so great, so supportive and loving to me. I was crying my eyes out yesterday, upset and being able to do so little (no exercise, no motivation to do anything around the house, too nauseous to be in the kitchen much) and he was adament that the job I'm doing now is SO much more important that I shouldn't feel bad. Creating a child is the most important thing in the world he said, and the fact I was managing so well with how I was feeling amazed him. Do I have a great hubby or what?!?


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