Baby McElroy
I'm feeling really crummy. Tired and nauseous, all day long. Still no puking, so I feel like a big whiney wimp next to those folks tossing their cookies 5 times a day. But then, feeling like you are going to puke every waking moment is not fun times! Sometimes eating helps, sometimes it doesn't. I'm wearing the seabands all the time but I can't tell if they are still helping, I just don't dare take them off in case they are. One thing that seems to help.........tootsie pops. Especially cherry and orange. So I may look into buying more lollipops and sucking one all the time.

Spotting has tapered off, which is good. It was really scant to start with , but it is worrisome anyways. Hopefully with everything looking good on the ultrasound the Dr will give me the go ahead for physical activity again. There are only a couple weeks of the lacrosse league left!


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